Bromsgrove Advertiser Column - Westminster Attack

Following the tragic events in Westminster last week, I’d like to begin by paying tribute to the families and close friends of the victims. PC Keith Palmer’s actions are an inspiration to us all and he lost his life protecting our democracy.

It’s important now more than ever to come together as a united community, and I’m especially proud to represent such an inclusive and tolerant constituency.

As your representative in Parliament, I’m determined to show that we will not be divided. That it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. That we are all part of one society and one community.  The events of last Wednesday have showed that we will refuse to let terrorists undermine our values. 

That’s why it was great to visit Lickey Hills Primary school to talk about the history and endurance of our great democracy. It’s an honour to inspire and encourage the next generation to be active members of our community and work against hatred in all its forms.

Any attempt to defeat our hard-won values through violence and terror will always fail.