Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid calls on Britons to "make a scene" when they see racism

BRITONS should "make a scene" when they encounter racism, Bromsgrove’s MP has said.

Speaking ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid MP called for communities to be "strong enough" to stand up to bigotry in all forms.

Mr Javid sent out the message during his speech at a Holocaust Educational Trust reception in Parliament on Wednesday, January 18.

He said: "We have to call out bigotry and racism when we see it.

"We have to object when a line is crossed from legitimate debate to smears and abuse.

"Ultimately, we have to be prepared to do that most un-British of things – we have to make a scene.

"Maybe that’ll be in private. Maybe in the media. Maybe on Twitter.

"In fact it could be anywhere from the top deck of a bus to right here in Parliament.

"What’s certain is that if we don’t speak out against hatred and anti-Semitism it will become normalised. It will become part of everyday life.

"And once that happens, the consequences will be tragic.

"I’ve talked before about the insidious way anti-Semitism has made a comeback in politics and polite society.

"But if our only reaction is to tell ourselves how awful it is, then we’re not just failing the victims, we’re failing in a fundamental moral duty to society."