Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid's Jobs Fair returns bigger and better

Sajid Javid’s third Jobs Fair returned to Bromsgrove bigger and better today (March 3) with thousands of career opportunities available to residents from more than 60 exhibitors.

The event was moved from Parkside to North Bromsgrove High School to cope with huge demand from companies offering jobs and apprenticeships, plus interest from residents.

Bromsgrove’s MP told the Advertiser: “It is the largest Jobs Fair anybody has ever held in Bromsgrove with over 60 exhibitors.

“That’s why we had to change the venue this year to get something big enough in Bromsgrove that can hold all these companies and organisations that want to come along.

“There are over 1700 jobs and opportunities on offer today so it’s just great to see so many people here from every age group, people that are first-time job seekers, people that have been in the market before and are looking for a change, and also some older people who are retired and just looking for something different to do.

“Although the unemployment rate in Bromsgrove is low at one per cent there are still people looking for jobs, looking for opportunities or people just looking for a career change.

“I think events like this really do help people look at the opportunities and explore them.

“They might not find something immediately for them but you never know and today I think there’s something for everyone.”

Companies at the 10am-2pm event ranged from the town’s branches of Nationwide and Asda, to large regional employers West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS).

David Green, manager at Bromsgrove Nationwide, said: “It is great to be represented here.

“There are a lot of local businesses here and it is really good for the local community to maximise those opportunities so we can promote what we do.

“Anything we can do to increase employment in the area is great and having it backed up by Sajid is great too. I can’t believe how busy it is. Even with the rain everyone has come out.”

Lucy Knowles, recruitment admin at WMAS, added: “We get lots of young people looking at career moves who maybe haven’t considered looking for a career in the ambulance service.

“When they come to things like this we can tell them that there are other jobs other than being a paramedic that they might not have thought of.

“Things like this Jobs Fair are great for bringing these sorts of things to their attention.”