Bromsgrove Standard Column: Christmas Message

As the year comes to an end, I’d like to wish you all a Happy Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. 

2016 has been a momentous year for Bromsgrove. After visiting a number of new businesses in the town, including No. 3a Coffee House in Aston Fields, and Decanter Spirit on the High Street, it’s no surprise that Bromsgrove was recognised for having the highest number of start-up companies outside of London. 

With our newly refurbished Railway Station, Bromsgrove continues to remain a top place to do business, and I’m pleased that we’re investing up to £392 million in infrastructure across the West Midlands to help promote local growth and jobs and continue to boost productivity. 

Our sporting achievements have also turned the town gold. Team Great Britain remarkably competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics, and it’s been delightful to watch the number of stars from the town grow, notably Lauren Rowles in the Paralympics, and Daniel Fox at the Summer Olympics. 

Christmas is also an excellent opportunity to remember those who are less fortunate. In Britain, too many people will be alone or homeless over the festive period. Bromsgrove has a generous and inclusive community, and it’s important that we continue to remain open-minded and help to support those in need.  

I’d once again like to wish you my very best for a Happy Christmas, and hope you have a wonderful start to the New Year.