Our excluded need to feel more British, and we can help them

When I was about eight years old I went to see my family GP in Bristol. I wasn’t unwell; I didn’t need medical help — I was there to serve as interpreter for my mum, who, a decade after arriving from Pakistan, could still speak only the most basic English.

Mitzvah Day helps us triumph over hatred

In November 2005, the UK was still coming to terms with the religiously motivated murder of 52 London commuters just a few months before. It was a time of intense suspicion and distrust, of almost unprecedented tension between the diverse communities that make up modern Britain.

Sajid Javid and Philip Hammond: Let’s get Britain building

As part of the government’s action to tackle the housing deficit and ensure everyone has a secure place to live, the Communities Secretary and the Chancellor made it clear that they are determined to take action and get more homes built.