Bromsgrove Advertiser Column: Infrastructure

It was a proud moment indeed this week when we were declared the 15th most prosperous country in the world and the best place in the EU to start a business.

Bromsgrove Standard Column: Devolution Revolution

Last week I attended the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. Whilst the reception we received from far left protesters was, as you may have seen on TV, fairly dynamic, it was wonderful to visit another great industrial city, not unlike our neighbour, Birmingham – which I continue to champion in Government as part of the local ‘Midlands Engine’.

Bromsgrove Advertiser Column: Futureproofing

At Stoke Prior Steam Rally recently it was fantastic to see the magnificent Victorian engines which once drove our country. It led me to reflect on the absolute importance of securing Britain’s position as the place to do business, if we are to deliver top public services into the future.

Bromsgrove Standard Column: Backing Working People

This week I led on the Government Bill to reform trade union rules. The As we get Britain back to work, with unemployment in Bromsgrove now just 1%, it’s important that we ensure everyone who wants to work can work. We also need to make sure that those who want to strike have a mandate to best represent workers views.

Bromsgrove Advertiser Column: Tackling the European Migrant Crisis

A number of constituents have asked me for an update on the desperate plight of migrants in Europe. Photos reveal a shocking situation as adults and children risk their lives in search of safety and stability. Our response as part of the international community is therefore of the utmost moral and humanitarian importance.