Court Leet Fair Day

Last Saturday Bromsgove was transported back to its medieval past with our annual Court Leet Fair Day, first granted by King John.

Help to Buy

Many hard working families aspire to own their own home. However, this has become increasingly difficult to achieve for far too many, certainly for those without help from the Bank of Mum and Dad.


Improving our education system is also one of this Government’s most important aims, as our children are competing like never before against the rest of the world for jobs and prosperity.  


One of my priorities, as a parent and a politician, is education. Education was my ladder to a better life, as it continues to be for people throughout Bromsgrove and the UK.

Local Elections

After last week’s local and European elections, the General Election is now under one year away. My message to Bromsgrove residents is simple: it is the Conservative plan that is succeeding in turning Britain around. 


Apprenticeships form a vital part of the Government’s plan for economic growth and its strategy to give opportunities to more young people.

Constituency Activity

Although this role brings with it new commitments and new responsibilities, the only reason I have this opportunity is because of the faith the people of Bromsgrove have put in me by electing me.

Tax Cuts

Part of this Government’s long-term economic plan is to ensure that there’s more money in your pocket and more financial security for you and your family.


Although there's more to do, growth is up, the deficit is down, and jobs are up.  

Budget 2014

Last month's Budget is part of Government's long-term economic plan.