Sajid Javid MP: Bromsgrove Advertiser Column

Last Friday, the Prime Minister marked his first year in office, in what has been one of British Politics’ most eventful years in recent memory. In that time, the Government has not only delivered on getting Brexit done, but has launched an ambitious domestic agenda – so we can level up our great country.

The NHS has received its biggest ever cash boost; 12,000 more nurses and over 6,000 more doctors have been recruited; 3,000 more police officers hired; increasing funding for school children, including through a 5.1% total funding increase for schools in Bromsgrove District next year; and the work continues to defeat this terrible disease, including through investment into scientific research to develop a vaccine.

There is so much more to do, and some of the hardest challenges are still to come. The last few months have shown why the spirit that ties our community together is so important.

Going forward, we will need that and the continued hard work of the British people – as we continue the work to unleash the fantastic potential of our great country. As ever, if I can be of any assistance, please do email