Bromsgrove Community Support Group


The Bromsgrove Community Support Group was established in March, as a Facebook Page set up Georgia Oakes.

Members of the page worked together to keep each other up to date on the latest guidance – and come up with ideas to support older residents in their respective communities.

Supporting each other and helping the most vulnerable members of our community. These two core principles have remained the same, but through the hard work of so many, the size of the group has increased greatly.

The Facebook Page now has over 5000 members, who are continually exchanging information and advice relating to Covid-19.

There is a dedicated support helpline for people to call, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. Partnerships with other groups have been formed, including which has enabled a district wide network of assistance.

A member of the administration team, Nicola, has kindly informed me that the dedicated helpline has taken over 1500 calls and completed nearly 500 requests for assistance. However, this does not include the assistance provided over mobile phone, or the Facebook Page. It also does not include the support provided to residents who don’t have such technology. 

Perhaps the conclusion we can draw is that the support they have provided has been most valued because of the peace of mind and reassurance it brings.

This is a difficult time, but through working together, our community has been able to rise to the challenge of Covid-19. The Bromsgrove Community Support Group has played an important part in that – and I could not thank and praise them enough.