The Chancellor's Conservative Party Conference Speech 2019

Thank you for that welcome…

And can I welcome my mum.

You saw her in that video…

… and she is here with us today for her first conference.

Twenty years ago,

Mum thought it was a big deal

when she watched the first Asians move into Coronation Street,

Confronting extremism together

Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP gave a speech on confronting extremism at the Coin Street Community Centre in London on Friday 19 July 2019.

Secretary of State's speech at the Design Quality Conference 2018

Secretary of State Sajid Javid's speech at the Design Quality Conference 2018.

Winston Churchill famously said: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

That’s certainly true for me.

As you may know, I grew up above the family shop.

Midlands Engine Investment Fund

Sajid Javid speaks at the launch of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund.

Thanks, Nick, it’s a pleasure to be here.

In the very heart of the Midlands Engine.

And a nearly a year on from the launch of our Midlands Engine Strategy.

New Towns: Launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group

Secretary of State for Housing speaks about the launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on New Towns.

Good evening and thank you, Lucy. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Now, we all know the jokes about roundabouts, concrete wastelands and ring roads.

Holocaust Educational Trust - Holocaust Memorial Day Reception

Sajid Javid's speech to the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Last October at the Holocaust Educational Trust Appeal Dinner, I sat next to a man named Harry Spiro.

Unfortunately, Harry couldn’t be here today but he was just 8 years old in 1939 when war broke out in Poland.

Building the homes we deserve

Good afternoon everyone, it’s great to be back here once again.

Now, as you can imagine, I talk about housing to a lot of audiences in a lot of different places.

Sajid Javid's speech on the housing market

Secretary of State’s speech on the housing market.

Thank you, and good morning everyone.

Half an hour ago, the official figures were published showing that the number of new homes in England increased by more than 217,000 last year.