Letter from Westminster: Sajid Javid MP

During this challenging period, our community has shown a great strength, resilience and determination to defeat this virus. Our collective effort, including the work of our amazing front-line responders, has enabled us to move past the peak of this disease. During that time, our health system was not overwhelmed, with enough spare beds, ventilators and hospital capacity at all times.

Guided by the science and data, we can now move towards the next phase of recovery. More now than ever, to keep the infection rate down, the good common sense of the British people is needed. That is why staying alert and controlling the virus is so important.

In related news, I have been in contact with Ministers at the Department for Education about Bromsgrove’s First and Middle Schools, as schools plan to reopen in June. I will continue to seek further guidance on this issue on behalf of local residents.

In Parliament, I voted for the landmark Immigration Bill, which will give the UK full control of our immigration system and end the free movement of people. That was one of the pledges in our manifesto and an issue I have discussed with many residents on the doorstep. It is right that we deliver on this commitment as soon as possible.